Monday November 20th 2017

#4 – Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, & Jessica Simpson Mix Engineer Tony Maserati

In the 4th episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave Pensado is joined by legendary engineer and mixer Tony Maserati (Marc Anthony, James Brown, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, R. Kelly, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Mya, Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, Jessica Simpson, Tupac, Jason Mraz etc.). This week’s episode was devoted entirely to the passionate discussion between Dave and Tony regarding all things mixing and engineering. New plug-ins such as the Slate Digital FG-X and the Waves C6 were covered, as well as various mixing concepts, how is the poster child for the new breed of producer, and much more!. And as always, your questions from the chat room were taken in the “Corner Office” segment. 5:00 – Tony talks about embracing modern mixing techniques. • Automation in the DAW • Use of hardware inserts from DAW to Analog Gear. 7:00 – Dave asks Tony: what techniques do you use now with modern technology (DAW systems) that you use today? • Frequency dependent compression (multiband compression) • Compressing mid range and leaving bottom end alone and uncompressed. 11:40 – How would you treat a rap vocal (biggie) vs a pop vocal (beyonce)? 16:27 – How do you use automation in a unique way? (Talk of automating every single parameter in a plug-in) 18:00 – “ is the poster child for the new breed of producer” Questions from the corner office: 20:16 – What are your thoughts on placing your bass in the mix? 20:18 – To level out vocals, do you prefer to automate or compress

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