Friday November 24th 2017

Christina Aguilera & Jessica Simpson: “Queens of High Larynx”

This is not a hate video ! Sorry for my english i’m french.

Posted by Mark

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  • Dadacomero says:

    l hate Jessica’s slow and messy vibrato

  • Justin Reeves says:

    My god, is it that hard to raise your soft palate Jessica?

  • jordan84 says:

    Why would you pick Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson? If you wanted
    White women with great technique and soul – Joss Stone, Adele, Barbra
    Streisand, Linda Eder, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Eva Cassidy, etc and

  • ny10980 says:

    Actually this is a great video not a hate video. I came across it while
    researching hi larynx positions and so I consider this a study video to
    learn appropriate singing techniques. I think it’s the non singer, fans of
    these singers that should walk away from this video without commentary
    since they are the biased ones. BTW…after several peoples videos on hi
    larynx I still don’t know how to get my larynx into a stable neutral
    position…but I do see the strain that these singers undergo by bad

  • MAja Mantras says:

    High larynx and deep throat, thats how music bussiness work nowdays

  • man4man7110 says:

    I think your just mad that people agree with what I say & they vote my
    comments up for a reason . Am not making shit up .

  • man4man7110 says:

    Well you got it wrong with me cause I have never said that I think she is
    the best singer in the world but I think she is better than most female
    singers out there . But another thing I don’t claim to be a vocal expert
    like many who love to criticize Christina when they don’t know shit . You
    seem like a hater & that’s understandable look at where your ass is & them
    look at where Christina is .

  • Karl Boland says:

    No one ever claims Taylor is a great singer. Everyone knows she’s terrible
    but Christina’s fans constantly claim she is the best vocalist in the
    world, which is why these videos are made. To set the record straight, that
    she is not and never has been a great vocalist.

  • NeverLoseHopeBabe143 says:

    You guys need to stop. If you don’t like them the simply.. DON’T LISTEN TO
    THERE MUSIC. Or waste your time making ridiculous videos of them. Honestly
    if their so bad lets see you do what they do. You guys should stop wasting
    your time hating on people 10,000 times better than you.

  • Ashley Aguilera says:

    I love this video. Because it’s really amazing how even her cracks (not
    all) sound good to my ears. Not the horrible ones of course.

  • plkczed says:

    Both of them are terrible though Christina isn’t the worst singer cause she
    has decent musicianship and she has interpretation skills, Jessica doesn’t
    have as far as I know. I’m not really familiar to Jessica, the only thing I
    know about her is she raises her larynx really high up to the heavens.
    Christina gets squeaky, whiny, tense and strained past G#4 and she also
    lowers her larynx in the low notes but at least she has a connected range

  • Shon Mangphai says:

    Christina Aguilera +

  • yomamma4916 says:

    I thought this video was pretty, I love Jessica Simpson

  • man4man7110 says:

    Haters will always hate no matter how good Or bad christina sings . I
    suggest you do a video of Taylor swift belting it out like Christina

  • Wagnerlover777 says:

    If we could get a singer with Christina’s natural voice and Beyonce’s vocal
    technique…oh God…that is a perfect voice, isn’t it?

  • levinmoses says:


  • kike soor says:

    que estupido..!! jajaja luego luego se ve que tu prefieres a Jessica
    Simpson para mi ella es un cero a la izquierda a lado de Christina Aguilera
    “La Voz De La Generacions”"Y usaste videos de Jessica donde segun ella son
    sus mejores momentos en cambio a Christina le pusiste videos donde
    supuestamente “desafina” o “grita” …….por si fuera poco quieres
    comparar a jessica simpson con Aretha Franklin … misma Aretha nombro
    a Christina Aguilera…”La Reina Del Soul De Ojos Azules”

  • bixxius says:

    Christina has a quite bad technique, but Jessica is simply awful.

  • Baritone Master says:

    That’s the sad part, they don’t, it’s a bad habit they forced their muscles
    to memorize , so it’s second nature to them. It’s so easy to know when your
    singing with a high ass larynx: basically if you feel your swallowing
    muscles getting engaged in your vocal production, Jessica being the worse
    culprit of the two….you can basically hear the muffled sound like someone
    stuffed a sock in her throat.

  • LotusAguilera2013 says:

    Xtina sounds great to me weather screaming or not ! She has a beautiful
    voice , but comparing her to Jessica Simpson lol haha

  • Ralph Jayson Gariguez says:

    Christina was a disaster at 4:45! She didn’t reach the note and she got
    choked right there! Now, is that what you call a queen? I don’t think so.
    Both could have been the best voices of this generation but both have bad
    techniques in singing but Jessica has a worse technique but only if she
    learns from her mistakes, she’ll have a nicer timbre than Xtina and Jess
    has a wider vocal range. Good thing she’s a successful businesswoman and
    she’s one of Hollywood’s richest celeb according to Forbes! :)

  • Kynan123321 says:

    What song is Christina singing at 1:23? Can’t remember the name but I’ve
    heard it before!

  • Víctor Rojas says:

    Christina Aguilera y Jessica Simpson tienen voz y ambas son talentosas. No
    es valido decir que una es mejor que otra, tampoco que Christina le copia a
    Jessica. Eso es RIDICULO. Amigo. Te recomiendo que mires algunos Vídeos de
    Christina cuando era una niña y cantaba. Notaras que siempre fue su estilo
    cantar de esa manera ; ) Saludos.

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