Monday November 20th 2017

Is Jessica Simpson Fat?

Celebrities stand by Jessica Simpson as the singer responds to being called “fat”

Posted by Dave Shields

25 Comments for “Is Jessica Simpson Fat?”

  • kaotickustomz says:

    She is gorgeous at any weight.

  • RMJChannel says:

    She’s disgustingly fat.

  • stuff5514 says:

    @markee871 lol

  • markee871 says:

    @stuff5514 oh my fault! maybe I responded to the wrong person by accident, sorry didnt mean to. Its just that it kinda seems like a blur when comments are all over the place

  • stuff5514 says:

    @markee871 you should re read what i wrote bc i said any man would say yes if she asked them out. lol so you go mad for no reason hahaha

  • 02Ryu says:

    @UTubeUploaderYT fucking rights man america made the world to show jealousy and hate towards each other i swear if america was’nt around we’d have the sickest world but i guess we would all be speaking german so they do help us some times

  • markee871 says:

    @stuff5514 shut the fuck up! any man who thinkks she is fat is a faggot!! MEN PREFER CURVES YOU DUMBSHIT! No man wants a female with a 9 yr old boy’s body!!!!

  • markee871 says:


  • Nadeshikoslove says:

    ….fuck the weight..she just needs a new stylist. wtf are those pants and earings?

  • stuff5514 says:

    oh plz , if she asked any guy out they would say ”hell yea”

  • MBS63 says:

    this is sad…..if a woman of color was this size it is considered to be voluptuous and it is considered sexy, when a white women is the same size it is fat. i don’t get. everyone is beautiful, and everyone cannot be a size 4.

  • codro1982 says:

    i dont care that she looks like that now,i would still take her to pound town

  • BRIANNAistalksick says:

    Jesus, people are so pathetic. I’d like to see a few men being emotionally slaughtered for not having six-pack abs. Leave these women alone, for chrissakes. In case you weren’t aware, women are biologically designed to have a higher body-fat percentage because we carry/birth CHILDREN.

  • MantenlosucioRisa says:


  • Willowthedruid777 says:

    OK guys people need to stop fighting over this their is curvy (which is quite beautiful) and their is fat (which can also be quite beautiful but is very often unhealthy) just like their is thin and underweight/anorexic. Jessica is pretty but let’s face it she is on the big side. People need to realize that just because someone is beautiful means they can’t be overweight. Be objective here people. Let Jessica live her life but don’t say every girl should be like her.

  • Lindsyll says:

    she looks awesome with a tiny bit of extra weight! don’t lose it honey.

  • Camille421ilvh says:

    wow, this is really sad… she looks good no matter what

  • GohModley says:

    @schoolgurl95 stop acting like one then

  • schoolgurl95 says:

    @GohModley That’s my line. And for fuck’s sake, I’m not a teen! How many times do I have to tell people that? Wait, don’t answer that question.

  • GohModley says:

    @schoolgurl95 Uh, how old are you? You talk like you’ve seen so much life and yer prolly a teen.

  • schoolgurl95 says:

    @GohModley I know your type. I’ve seen the end result and it isn’t pretty. But look the other way if you wish, I won’t be there to see you fall.

  • GohModley says:

    @schoolgurl95 are you a prophet?

  • schoolgurl95 says:

    @GohModley She’s gotten curvier but that doesn’t mean she’s not healthy. What is the matter with you? Do you go around picking fights with people who have distinctive opinions? I do not care what you think because you’re wrong and biased. Keep living your life this way in disgusting hatred for the different, and you’ll regret it.

  • GohModley says:

    @schoolgurl95 fat bitches like you and jessica the cunt simpson are not healthy. that’s the point bitch.

  • schoolgurl95 says:

    @GohModley I’m at a perfectly fine weight thank you very much. Shut the fuck up and go bother someone else. It’s people like you who cause all the problems. hahahaha to you, too. For being so blind and stupid as to judge people after they get a fuller figure. You never really know the full cause for it, and as long as she’s healthy, what does it matter how much she weighs? Women are meant to be built as women, you fucker. Screw you and your pathetic standards on physical beauty.

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