Friday November 24th 2017

Jessica Simpson- [ABC]-The View – Let Him Fly & I Belong To

The View – Let Him Fly & I Belong To Me

Posted by Harris Luis

25 Comments for “Jessica Simpson- [ABC]-The View – Let Him Fly & I Belong To”

  • AngelofHappiness8 says:

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  • AngelofHappiness8 says:

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  • FXMAN66 says:

    @Brant And Patty G. kicks both of their asses!!!

  • thisiswan2009 says:

    it’s sad that the album didn’t do well and worst her ex album did better… how hard can it be…

  • kaleighrat says:

    some things just should not happen.

  • Sunny2607 says:

    @jenMalfoy I feel the same way. Its really annoying. She is trying way too hard! Have you seen her performance with Jewel “Who will save your soul”? OMG i was laughing at her all the way trough. What happened to her?? She used to be brilliant!

  • prettyeyessxoxo says:

    LOL i love 1:56. Its just that I don’t want to have to give it up…for you.. LMAO. She played it off though

  • masturah3 says:

    her face like britney spears

  • lovemy4boys1 says:

    Jessica and Nick reunion tour…..with 98 degrees…come on fans….let your voices be heard

  • VegasAcer says:

    @jenMalfoy Yes, I agree with this, im a die-hard Jessica fan too. She needs to get control of her vocals. I realize voices change every ten years and all, but my god…

  • MommiesGirl22 says:

    @singermomma2 the reason shes doing the breathy singing for this song is because her vocal chords were clearly bruised..and u could tell it from her barely even being able to talk. the song set was even changed to better suit her voice to sing it live..i actually like it i love her belting out notes but hearing her sing it so soft and gently was beautiful

  • Mannequin2009 says:


  • IcePrincess619 says:

    This part makes my CRY : “I said I’m gonna let him fly.
    There’s no mercy in a live wire.
    No rest at all in freedom.
    .the choices we are given it’s no choice at all
    The proof is in the fire
    You touch before it moves away
    But you must always know how long to stay and when to go
    & there ain’t no talkin to this man
    He’s been tryin to tell me so
    It took awhile to understand the beauty of just letting go
    Cause it would take an acrobat, I already tried all that
    I’m gonna let him fly.”

  • madeinheavenx says:

    Yeah, this is when her vocal cords were all messed up. She was on The Today Show this same day and she couldn’t sing very well.

  • Brant says:

    This song Fly was done much better by the Dixie Chicks. She has a good version of it.

  • nenaroxxs says:

    its not A bruise she is just crying

  • MrxCasz says:

    She did have a bruised vocal here.. you can hear it when she talks at the end.. But she sings amazing for someone with a bruised vocal, the fact that´s she´s actually singing live here is amazing

  • singermomma2 says:

    a bruised vocal chord?? Really now… I think you’ve confused her with her sister… There is no buised vocal cord here.

  • singermomma2 says:

    You are right! Wow, I’d never heard Patty Griffin before… You can tell she wrote it, cuz she sings it better than anyone, dixie chicks and Jessica S. She is a true talent.

  • singermomma2 says:

    She’s an aspiring actress… You can just tell when someone is trying to press your buttons, and when just is expressing her feelings. Her life with Nick was on camera, it sucks that it cost them their marriage. But unfortunately, we all got to see the REAL Jessica Simpson.. she’s used to getting what she wants, but she’s totally lost my vote. That whole “breathy” so-called sultry singing has totally lost it’s appeal. She has a great vocal range, I’ll give her that…but that’s all. :)

  • xxoxANNIExxox says:

    couldn’t have said it better.

  • jenMalfoy says:

    I like Jess, really I do. But has anyone else noticed that her voice has gotten progressively…whinier? Like she’s trying a little too hard to be sexy, and her diction suffers? Either way she can sing there’s no doubt about that, and both songs are amazing.

  • mollyandharley2 says:

    i really dont like her hair short. I like it better longer and curly

  • macpwrbook says:

    just so you know…. Let Him Fly is a Patty Griffin song… not hers : )

  • claireisretarded says:

    singermomma2 , really now? She is just expressing her feelings with her songs and what she sings. This song was right after the divorce so she has a reason to be upset. if you dont like her songs or her and stuff like that then dont listen to her songs and then commenting it, geez/

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