Saturday November 25th 2017

Jessica Simpson – Driven [part 5]

From 2004 (C) VH1

Posted by Harris Luis

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  • mjester121 says:

    yeah, thanks for sharing this … i was always wondering if that footage of their wedding in the Newlyweds intro was from the actual wedding or if it was reenacted and now I know … I wish she would have just really stuck with singing and focused on that – i think a lot of the negativity would have disappeared and people would give her more respect, although she really made a name for herself with her fashion line – a lot of celebrities have tried that but few have been as successful as her

  • jesssilouisee says:

    if you dont have anything nice to say then fuck off! i think they are so perfect for eachother, i totally agree with you pulchritudinous7 it breaks my heart too they are meant to be together they are so much inlove! i hope in the future they start to really realise that they are meant to be together forever until the day they die!

  • aznxlatinaxdiva says:

    yeah… “they are sooo happy together” THATS Y THEY ARE DIVORCED!

  • MultiFierce says:

    i think shes great you never see her dunk or doing somehing scandal

  • ktaurus says:

    awww that was really sweet what Nick said about her being one of the most talented people he knows

  • pulchritudinous7 says:

    Ashlee: “Jessica is at her happiest w/Nick”… Couldn’t agree more! Those two are meant to be together. I wanna slap some since into the both of them, especially Jessica!!! Ughh! Love their love story. Still breaks my heart to know they’re divorced…

  • Xzanessaforev4erX says:

    oh my god
    thank you for sharing this

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