Saturday November 25th 2017

Jessica Simpson Extensions | A Review

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with these extensions. They’re comfortable, affordable and feel like real human hair. The “hair net” design makes the feel extra secure AND you’re able to do updo’s with this because it’s seamless when hair is in a ponytail! Extensions sold for $85.00 on Jessica Simpon’s website. Beauty Choice is offering them for $79.00 + 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING! Promo Code: JESSICAHLDY15 Valid Until: February 28th, 2011 Deal: 15% off Jessica Simpson Extensions Product Link: FTC Disclaimer: Product was provided to me.

Posted by Dave Shields

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  • beccala1985 says:

    those look really hard to put on, especially since you have to secure them alllll they way around the head. no wonder you used a model

  • MissPink711 says:

    Oh wow im impressed by these extensions i would love to try them but im african-american and the texture is too silky.

  • TheSocalSocialite says:

    coincidence? the back of my head immediately itched upon finishing watching this vid! LOL! although her hair does look pretty; extensions are definitely fun for awhile – i know cuz i’ve had the real ones but the upkeep is absolutely ridiculous! so yeah, positives and negatives any way you go!

  • Bellonikka says:

    @SarahVictor hahaha HEAD BANG. not headband.

  • iloveanime496 says:

    @SarahVictor Head BANG.
    Not headband.

  • mssexyfull says:

    @SarahVictor i think she meant head bang.. like you whip your hair back and forth xD

  • emmacandyheaven says:

    @SarahVictor theworldneeds3rock said HEAD BANG not headband! haha

  • zeldahopper says:

    You can buy these same styled ones at Sallys for$40. They’re fine for a nite out but uncomfortable for all day wear due to the itchiness factor unless you are used to extensions or wearing a wig.

  • BarrysDaughter says:

    Meaghan looked beautiful lovely smile just like you. :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  • bmybaby101 says:

    @TheWolrdNeeds2Rock it depends on how well there in and how hard you head bang. i did it around my room a lot and as long as you don’t do it too hard. or you can get the glue in ones. they would stay a lot better :3

  • Corpsebride01 says:

    oh and for 80$ i can buy human hair, sew on clips where i want/need them and style the hair however i want. I was really disapointed with these extensions, i think the human hair ones would be better, but they are really expensive.

  • Corpsebride01 says:

    i had these extensions a few years ago, i didnt really like them, they hurt after awhile, no matter how i cliped them, it was just too much weight on the bottom of my head.
    i ended up selling them online. And it’s true, they tangle and you have to be sooo careful when you take them off and put them on, or they tangle and look bad because u can’t straighten them or fix them.

  • Sara01977 says:

    @songhug You are right. the first time it looks great and I got so many compliments. By the end of the night though, it was a tangled mess. I ended up just pulling it back into a ponytail. I tried to get the tangles out with a comb and when that didn’t work , I tried a brush. That just made it extra static-ey. I even tried the leave in conditioner for synthetic hair and it didn’t work.

  • evasestic says:

    can you wear the extensions if you have a short hair? i have bob like catherine zeta-jones in chicago :) cause everytime i watch video about extensions girls have really long hair! :) thanx

  • PiratosEmsa says:

    Sounds like a bad commercial – sorry

  • lilloopylass says:

    @SarahVictor Heyy just letting you know she didnt ask if you could wear a hand band but if you could headBANG hehehe :D
    Ps. these look gorgeous on her! xxx

  • angelkouari says:

    @SarahVictor uhm i don’t think he meant wearing headbands but banging his head.

  • brutalrooster says:

    How long does your hair have to be to use the extensions? My hair is *almost* at my shoulders….

  • 986022 says:

    I love how you mostly just see arms and bump

  • MissBerryTastic says:

    Your probably better off getting glue in extentions

  • PlaztykDollie says:

    @SarahVictor She said if she were to head BANG, not wear a head band.

  • mnyvld says:

    omg she has Rogue style hair… i love iiiiittt!!!!

  • babydollwtch says:

    Thanks for the video. The only drawback to the extensions in my own experience was that I had to lose my own hair to use the extensions. I wanted my hair to be fuller and because you have to put your own hair into a bun it gave me less volume than my own hair. If you have short hair and you want just length though I think they would work well.

  • MsWinkyTat says:

    Hi Sarah can u tell me how long my natural hair must b in order to wear extensions? I have a pixie cut

  • SarahVictor says:

    @lovebugg1986 I AM SOOOO ready to have these babies. I’m very uncomfortable! That’s part of the reason you didn’t see my face in this video lol – I looked horrible and was SO not camera ready LOL.

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