Wednesday October 18th 2017

Jessica Simpson – I Belong To Me and Let Him Fly live MTV LIVE Special

Jessica performing in MTV LIVE SPECIAL, I Belong to Me and Let Him fly of her album A Public Affair, 2006.

Posted by Dave Shields

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25 Comments for “Jessica Simpson – I Belong To Me and Let Him Fly live MTV LIVE Special”

  • IcePrincess619 says:

    She’s happy now. That’s ALL that matters

  • italuxpx says:

    When did she ever cheat??? NICK was the asshole for lettin’ a bitch get him away from such a sweet, charming, good and beautiful woman like Jess… He’s a fuckin’ dick…

  • damiandalilero says:

    te amo jessica!!! te sigo del 2004 =)

  • Rckrgrl73 says:

    @floreadsalot Who did she cheat on with him?  Have you heard Nick’s songs about his mistakes. I think it’s the other way around.

  • daleyander2468 says:

    Thanks god that she is not longer actress or singer! She suck at both!!! But still a mogul!

  • islandgurlbaby143 says:

    @NSBexclusive22 exactly, they both was soo in love.. i was watching earlier on how they met and all that.. how jess said “thats the guy im gon marry” how nick asked his mom to get a gig with her and how both their faces looked like when they both saw each other when they was gon get married! oh mann, they are perfect together and i know they both sometimes think of each other.. hopefully in the future they get back.. vanessa is nice but jessica is meant to be with nick in my opinion..

  • NSBexclusive22 says:

    @islandgurlbaby143 I agree!!!! The are def. Perfect for each other I’ve never seen any two people so in love like them. IDK why nick didn’t wait for her I would of waited about 2 or even 3 years for her. I hope they do get back together in the future I really do!!! Jessica + Nick = Meant to BE

  • floreadsalot says:

    she cheated on him and felt she could do better. Her fault not she lives with consequences.

  • germo06 says:

    what sucks is that she was still heartbroken when she made this special. great singer and great song.

  • asassybrazil69 says:

    She is so pretty-outside and in. I am a big jessica cheerleader! She is such a great woman!

  • teenagecrimex says:

    I love how she said sorry for crying, it’s like she’s saying sorry for being human. This makes me really like her, it reminds you that absolutely everyone hurts, even famous people.

  • islandgurlbaby143 says:

    this song is so amazing.. i know they stil love each other deep down. but now they’re jus hiding it & not admitting 2 it.. i mean c’mon, how can they 4get everythin they’ve been through.. they were meant 2 be.. they both even sang songs that everyone know is 4 each other during the split.. i know they both are getting married soon but i still hope & pray they find their way back 2 each other cause they are meant 2b, perfect 4 each other. if only nick had waited 4 her like he did the first time.

  • dee62383 says:

    This is so touching and beautiful. It’s bittersweet, really. Jessica is a beautiful human being – inside and out. It’s amazing to me how people say hurtful things about her. Those who do so accomplish nothing but make themselves appear insecure, broken, disgusting and weak. I hope she stays strong.

  • sevrn313 says:

    its hearbreaking. i would’ve loved to see them fight through the tough stuff to stay together. i wish they’d put the past behind them, it’s been years since they broke up & people still talk about how great they were together. that must means something, celebrity gossip tends to die down after a few months and people move on to the next romance brewing in hollywood. there was something special there, i wish i could shake both of them & have them see what they have & how happy they could be again

  • nadyholic says:

    6 people with no hearts . pity them . This is so like awwwwwwww . i feel sad . and pity . she was really having a hard time . nick wouldn’t you fall for this . she doesn’t want to let you go . shes hurt . awww , i cry :’(

  • tyjo510 says:

    She soo beautiful I love seeing her cry because it shows her heart…

  • BU4LYFE says:

    this gets me every time :(

  • meluncha says:

    my heart is broken ;(

  • xnisha18x says:

    @dsosa231 r u tryin to say shes fat??????

  • sweetisaduff says:

    @DMGFAN1077 cause that’s what music all about… singing your heart out, your true emocions

  • Dsosa231 says:

    why cant they work out there differences and get back together maybe then she would not have such problems like the obesity

  • DMGFAN1077 says:

    i really wonder what Nick thought when he saw this…its so sad….why did she sing it live?

  • hannahXheroin says:

    3 people should die.

  • Xzanessaforev4erX says:

    This songs make me cry
    i love jessica

  • theodorakol says:

    great live….. when i see it i cant stop crying….

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