Friday November 24th 2017

Jessica Simpson – I Think I’m in Love with You live Music Mania 2000

Jessica performing I Think I’m in Love with You, in Summer Music Mania in 00′s.

Posted by Harris Luis

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  • TheDreamGuy85 says:

    Do you have the other performances like from the A-Teens? omg I loved Jessica’s performance here, brings me back old memories from when I first fell in love.

  • fanofprotopic says:

    jack and diane

  • RyanCooleyFanx says:

    @Thkmra Yep.. And Some of her songs off her country album are good! But her live voice makes them cringeable.. I still love her! I just wish she would of took care of her voice and made it her own. She really didn’t have the chance too show off her big voice Because she was always compared to christina.. Im will always be a fan of Britney,Christina and jessica.. And ill take jessica’s voice over any shitty autotuner today

  • Thkmra says:

    @RyanCooleyFanx Thjat’s hat I mean. Let’s be hinest: from the very statrt her technique sucked! Nonethless her voice was so incredible any flaws weren’t evident!! Had she’d betted her technique she would be in arguments for being ‘Voice of this generation’ ala Christina! Instead she regressed, and started doing that weird ‘Baby doll’, lil girl thing with her voice….NO!!!! 99*-’Gonna love you forever—to 2003 With you…WTF happened?!! Funny thing With you was her biggest hit, how ironical!!

  • RyanCooleyFanx says:

    @Thkmra Yeah, She just needs to be herself..1999-2001 she did rival christina’s voice and your right she started to try and make her voice something it wasn’t, She started to add things like christina and at one point tried to do the britney “babyish” sound during a few performances. All I was saying was she was underated during her good years & after her divorce from nick.. She lost herself.

  • Popstarbelle2008 says:

    Jessica’s the best singer and person! Love this performance! :D

  • Thkmra says:

    @RyanCooleyFanx Complete exaggeration!! Her voice definitely rivaled Aguilera’s however, but idk, around 03′..she statred messing with her voice,tweaking it so much so, that she lost her technique altogether and began to suck!!

  • tracy719 says:

    she’s really talented and so hot!

  • RyanCooleyFanx says:

    @EvaSlash You can tell if she was autotuning autotune was rarely used in the 90s and early 2000s..This is her real voice she really is a VERY underated vocalist.. She came out in 1998/99 around the exact same time christina&britney came out she was very popular untill her divorce with nick lachey after that she went downhill :(

  • Ekta8477 says:

    @Ekta8477 Nope find one and send me the link… but in all do respect… Britney Never sang like this live… she just mimicks

  • yuanhuan1708 says:

    @Ekta8477 lmao are you sure jessica never lipsync? even christina who is much better singer than jessica already lipsynched… and yes jessica is fat and where is she now? shes not on the spotlight anymore!

  • heyyy185 says:

    She is KILLER here…amazing and sexy. RESPECT

  • Kenneth181 says:

    I remember watching this on tv a long time ago.

  • EvaSlash says:

    is she auto tuned ? if not her voice is fuking epic

  • creativa15 says:

    Wow, what a live voice, she has a more developed voice than Brit and a better voice than Chris

  • Ekta8477 says:


  • Ekta8477 says:

    @CrustofCreation casette! and to tink i laugh at my dad records… now plp laughing at casettes!

  • Tonya11597 says:

    Jessica is singing all the way to the bank! lol She’s fine girl power!

  • CrustofCreation says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I used to have a casette tape of this in 2000 and I watched it every day when I got home from school. NSYNC, Mandy Moore, and a lot of other people were there and on the tape too :)

  • linda1986r says:

    I love this performance. This is the first real time that she really danced. GO JESSICA. Best performance ever!

  • thelaststop1983 says:

    I love this song but for the love of god Jessica please stop dancing.

  • VideosByTJ says:

    I remember being about nine years old, in love with this song, and watching this performance on TV. I was really hoping she would performance this cuz I loved it so much and I was so happy she did.

    I miss her! :p

  • yuanhuan1708 says:

    @butter21ful britney is more appealing, its like shes total package

  • GreenBrauZz says:

    @Dubajblue Live

  • butter21ful says:


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