Saturday November 25th 2017

Jessica Simpson Interview

Jessica talks about Nashville, being back in the studio, and making her new album – Do You Know – In Stores Now!

Posted by Dave Shields

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  • malkaiffland24 says:

    i didn’t literally mean always. its just a? very obvious trend.get this album from

  • tommydafrog says:

    How old is Jessica Simpson? Isn’t her sister Ashley younger than her? She does sure got a unique country accent. Nashville, Tennessee-Interesting..that would explain her country accent. Okay-Is it me or is there several “You-Tubers” fans protecting Jessica Simpson like the secret service protecting the President. I mean I didn’t know she was THAT important to you guys. Wow. No wonder she’s got a bodyguard. You guys sound like defending paparazzis.

  • sansaviera says:

    He did what I knew he would all along when he was done playing with her. Jessica is learning lessons she needs to learn about life. I like her and wish her the best but she did need some serious reality checks to help her grow up. Hopefully she is learning. So far she’s not reallly their yet.

  • batrama310 says:

    I can’t believe her beauty is questioned. She, to me, is the most beautiful “American” alive. She seems to represent the perfect “Midwest” girl. I cannot stand those flat, skeleton-like figures people today call perfect. I can only imagine what a great personality she has…

  • xXPinkGoddessXx says:

    @fueledbymusic3 Skinny? Huh? Jessica is not “skinny”. She is a woman of average build.

  • Batou1778 says:


    Back then? She is still hot. even with a few extra pounds she is still a VERY attractive woman.

  • intheshadows4mytime says:

    Yes, I know but why she’s sad??

  • ebabyrulz says:

    ahh because shes sad

  • silverdream80 says:

    she was soo hot back then !

  • ebabyrulz says:

    i cam see sadness in her eyes ):

  • SeskiBaby09 says:


  • fueledbymusic3 says:

    The word Im looking for is LOOKSISM. All the NEGATIVE things I say. It LOOKSISM what I feel is making me say this type of thing about Jess

  • fueledbymusic3 says:

    Its when everybody IDLES this girl cause shes skinny & white. And HOW CONCEITED these kind of girls are cause THEY KNOW everybody likes the skinnys. And regular people like us being stepped on cause were not “pretty”. I KNOW THIS IS SHIT TALKING, But thats how it is in my town anyway, Sounthern California

    Would she give a FRIENDLY “HI” to someone who is fat (not me) with a job at McDonolds and driving beat up Ford Pintos?? I DONT THINK SO!

  • pigui333 says:

    OOO y eleva la ceja izquierda y todo
    lo demas!!!

  • romarina says:

    wow! you’re so envy, hahaha

  • whattheheck431 says:

    Not particulary that talented but her looks help her out and doing country music helps her too lol she couldnt sell anymore pop songs,thats the only reason why she went to country!

  • fueledbymusic3 says:

    I HATE these kind of people. WHAT? Jealous all of you will say I am! For me, jealous or not, SHE IS LIKED ONLY because she white and skinny. Its upsetting when SHE GETS EVERYTHING SHE WANT WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! While the rest of us we get STEPPED on

  • dncthroughlife says:

    jessica is my all time favorite singer. I absolutely love her. She doesn’t get into all of the Hollywood crap, she’s talented, funny, and beautiful

  • Jodeejoan says:

    Jessica Simpson’s successful, beautiful and is always, always smiling. What more could you want? Critics have said the same things about Dolly Parton that they now say about Jessica Simpson, take it easy y’all.

  • BethinTexas111 says:

    She is talking like a Texan, she is not a hillbilly lol. musicman!!!!!!!!

  • BethinTexas111 says:

    Well all reality show have some acting in them, no matter what they say , it wouldn’t be interesting otherwise, they do tell them how to act to a point!!!!!!

  • zest4livin says:

    Bethin. You are right I do not know her personally. I am not being judgemental. You say it was all for the tv show. So she faked being a ditz on her reality show. If that is how she portrays herself then what is one going to think.

  • BethinTexas111 says:

    Zest ,I know her, we went to school together, and we still are friend’s, Jessica, is NOT A FAKE < SHE IS NOT A DITZ AT ALL< IT WAS ALL FOR TV HON< SHE IS ACUALLY VERY SMART!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!DON”T BE SO JUDGEMENTAL< YOU DON”T KNOW HER!!!!!!!!!

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