Tuesday August 22nd 2017

JESSICA SIMPSON IS GOOD IN BED! – John Mayer would pay 10k to SNORT her!

I hope you SUBSCRIBE for more! Please rate 5 stars. I eat them all. You should fave this one for the gay singing! Leave a comment! I love them! Comment Questions of the Day: (answer any or all) 1. What Olympic sport would you be good at (make one up!!!)? 2. Any thoughts on Mayer’s “racist” /sex comments? He said he is sorry- do you care? 3. Hailey Glassman looks like a _______________ 4. Are you watching The Bachelor? Who do you want to “win?” 5. WHAT SONG SHOULD BUCK SING NEXT? Bonus: What YT all star should I get to be on for my new segment? _______________ Important thanks! Thank you to Onision for the wonderful credits for the new segment! So worth the sub! www.youtube.com Thank you to KassemG for being my special guest star! His California On series is must see! www.youtube.com Watch the Betty Buckley video here! www.youtube.com ______________ In this special casual Friday video, Buck talks about Jessica Simpson being awesome in bed, Hailey Glassman being a Hall of Fame skank, The Bachelor, and stay tuned for a new segment featuring a new YouTube star every Friday! Thank you for subscribing and supporting the What the Buck Show! All Access to Buck! Official Website: buckhollywood.com What the Buck Show youtube.com Personal Buck Videos: youtube.com Seriously Serious Buck Shows: youtube.com Live Shows! Sun & Thurs 10pm Eastern: www.blogtv.com Follow Buck on Twitter: twitter.com Friend Buck on Facebook: www.facebook.com Take sexy pics with Buck: dailybooth.com

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