Monday November 20th 2017

Jessica Simpson Jokes About ‘Fat’ Comments

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Posted by Lani

10 Comments for “Jessica Simpson Jokes About ‘Fat’ Comments”

  • AlexanderMahan says:

    No one who is intelligent looks down on your for gaining weight after
    having children it is a natural part of life, consider a test, maybe on of
    the biggest tests youll endure besides motherhood. Your spirit is too
    beautiful to see it waste away because you arent motivated, or dont
    believe. Everything in this world that is great was achieved through the
    notion that nothing is impossible no matter how difficult. If your husband
    leaved you because you gain weight…good

  • drsaltes says:

    @alejandraglenn I agree

  • alejandraglenn says:

    This happend because this is her real weight, her real contexture, since
    she was young she always was on diet eating so good, not too much fast
    food, as all celeb. this means that this was her real contexture since very
    young.. now her life changer

  • AlexanderMahan says:

    You’ve saved yourself years of stress and agony staying with a man who
    wasnt mature enough to love you. If he stays, great. But their are some
    hills and steps you must climb alone remember that nothing is ever exactly
    what it seems. Love you peace

  • GLW2011 says:

    Who cares if she’s put on a few extra lbs geez. She is a human just like
    you and me.

  • Taras Hashkev says:

    Hello! I’m Taylor.I did -30 lbs in 7 days.Visit\#SJkL

  • AlexanderMahan says:

    Hey Jessica, your probably trolling this lol. Youre super beautiful no
    matter how much you weigh, please try to remember that. We are all
    commodities, so your individual worth all depends on how great you believe
    you are..disregrarding other peoples opinions be it 1 opinion or 5 million.
    Its hard to lose weight its painful only those who have experienced know
    how it feels. Depression is a state of the mind that can be altered, and
    over time its apparent the time being depressed was wasted.

  • jbarba says:

    I don’t think that she is even pregnant unless it is the longest pregnancy
    in history. She is just a fat pig that has really let herself go.

  • Olivia Florence says:

    I gained 65lbs when I was pregnant and I look fine now!! You gain the
    weight you need for your baby to be healthy.

  • Micheal Hubbard says:

    Yea, and there are just a “few” stars in the Milkyway galaxy

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