Wednesday November 22nd 2017

Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves 23″ Wavy Extension

A breif description & tutorial using the Hairdo Salon Clip-in hair from Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves: 23 inch Wavy Extension! *My shade is called Dark Chocolate (however color selection may vary depending on availability and where you purchase) Available on the Ken Paves website: Also on QVC: *If an extension like this isn’t your thing- there are Hairdo bangs, ponytails, shorter extensions & more. Just check those sites! MY BLOG TWITTER FACEBOOK: Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson Hairdo. I did not receive the product for free; it was a gift from my family. My opinions on this product are unbiased and not influenced by the company.

Posted by Lani

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24 Comments for “Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves 23″ Wavy Extension”

  • estagrenfell69 says:

    Very clear and sexy voice as well as the singer. very nice song-gots different? the full album from

  • pinkandsexy87 says:


  • ihateyuma says:

    I’m so glad there’s a wavy version. I just need to figure out the color I need.

  • kenzebivins says:

    @emilynoel83 There are so many of us who love your videos! and your makeup tutorials are always VERY wearable!

  • MIMSE666 says:

    You are soo pretty. :)

  • CanadaTJ86 says:

    this morning i ordered one too and watching your video I’m so glad that i chosed chocolate brown color…. it is so gorgeous looking on you

  • AelSan77 says:

    Hello there! I’m on bedrest right now recovering from surgery and discovered your videos. THANK GOD for that! You are making my painful recovery so much easier to deal with. Also, I just want to say thank you for being so down to earth. You have made me rediscover the drugstore stuff that I’ve kind of turned my nose up in the last few years.
    Now I just need to get well enough to go to Meijer and Walgreens so I can get all the stuff on my list of “things to buy Emily suggested”!!!

  • LaureenParlett66976 says:

    DAMN Folks! hav u

    checked out Mac secret?? this will amaze you… SIMPLY CLICK MA CHANNAL TO SEE IT!

  • beastoftheeastmg says:

    you look like kat von dee in the thumbnail picture for this video.

  • Sjodaqueen says:

    you resemble kat von d

  • 512stephanie says:

    Your video is very helpful!(: but how much is it? And could you also do other things to it , like if I bought a straight one can I also curl it and stuff?

  • EmmasLife says:

    This video was very helpfull! thanks so much Emily.
    Now i feel confident enough to spend the money on them.
    Hopefully they look as good on me as they do on you.

  • ruthiemelpf says:

    tremendous advice, thanks!, have anyone tried MAC’s newest product line?? its quite hard to get hold of makeup in Lakeville but i managed to recieve awesome samples of makeup by checking out “GratisMakeupSamples”! theyre cool!

  • daytimedolly111 says:

    Love this video, I bought Bump up the Volume and wear it to death, its sooooooooooooooo amazing.

  • NedegaDolma says:

    would have been interesting to really look at the back of the head… that whizzed by… thx

  • MindyHackler says:

    I love your voice & I love this video. It was really helpful. You kind of look like stephanie Meyer.

  • tubewatcher314 says:

    i am really glad you showed a close up. most have not done that. I also like how you added it higher in your head – much like the bumping addition now available. thank you!

  • tubewatcher314 says:

    @Sonialei77 that was really harsh and personal…

  • JarolineCanet19 says:

    This was such a helpful video! I just ordered the 23″ wavy last night and I was a little nervous about where and how to place it. They look very natural!
    Does the hair stay fairly nice after using for a while? I’ve never used synthetic hair, only human hair.

  • amandanpaulson says:

    These extensions are very easy to use and look wonderful on anyone! Another easy way to put them on aside from clipping them on starting from the top two outer corner clips is to clip it on from the top middle clip and then clip the top outer two clips…It realy helps get a nice snug fit to your head leaving no gaps, and helps line it up easier.

  • iamcasihart says:

    I bought this and I really like it so far. It is fantastic for added volume, as my hair is rather fine like Emily’s. For fun, I tried putting it in as low as possible and I had the longest hair that I have ever seen on me! It is a great product. There are two things that I don’t like though. 1. It does not include instuctions on cleaning aside, so I assume that I could only use a dry shampoo on it. 2. It isn’t supposed to be brushed, so when it goes stringy, I don’t know what I will do.

  • wigsuperstore says:

    Great video. I loved it!

  • MacNymph says:

    Hi emily!, those extensions look so great on you, your review helped me to take the decision and I finally ordered a 23″ wavy extensions in color R4 Midnight Brown, it is on its way to my home in the next days :D.


  • foxycleox says:

    you really see this look x

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