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Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey on Letterman – January 19 2004 (1 of 2)

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on The Late Show with David Letterman promoting Newlyweds Season 2 and Jessica’s then-new body products line Dessert on January 19 2004. I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended. Uploaded for entertainment purposes only under the DMCA Fair Use Act.

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  • fadillah0788 says:

    oh my god.. she’s very adorable. stupid people won’t have that self-confidence while answering question, she’s brilliant.

  • moupou123 says:

    hmmm is it me or does she has really bigggg feet? 0:16

  • MrDivalover1 says:

    @brianigan4ever nick was in love and with jessica for seven years. that is why i am guessing he defend her 2 yrs ago. not saying there is nothing wrong looking and getting fit. i for example used to be 6ft3 280. now i am average 6ft3 210 so 70 pounds lighter. it is all in mind. anyone can lose weight if they want to. also jessica is multi-millionaire she can hire trainer get 20 pounds knock off in 2-3 months after she has child. if jessica wants to.

  • MrDivalover1 says:

    @Branigan4ever never said there is. nick defend her because i am guessing he dated and was married to her for 3 years. he was in love with her from 1998-2005. thing is i lost weight when i wanted to. went from 280 to atm average 205 pounds. celebs have millions and millions of bucks. so when she has baby. she can knockoff 20 pounds with 2 months. with good trainer. that is advantage reason celebs lose weight quicker.

  • Branigan4ever says:

    @MrDivalover1 ….There is NOTHING WRONG with looking FIT. Why should ANYONE defend a clear lack of discipline?

  • MrDivalover1 says:

    @Branigan4ever true her weight gain camein 2008. when she was dating nfl cowboy qb tony romo. she pack on some weight. i liked 2 years ago on here where nick defend his ex wife jessica weight gain. he is class act. after jessica divorce him and all. nick still defend her weight issues.

  • Branigan4ever says:

    @MrDivalover1 ….But her initial weight gain came several years before she got pregnant. She’s just lazy.

  • MrDivalover1 says:

    @kerh09 I think she was just acting dumb there is big diffrence. she was making fun of herself acting dumb but not dumb at all. I hated how when nick and jessica were together 1998-2005 all magazines in stores would call jessica stupid. it was pathetic i think all magazines calling her stupid dumb to have child. was out of line. i happy jessica is having a child she will make a great mother. ashlee is only simpson sister to put out album recently.

  • MrDivalover1 says:

    @Branigan4ever well getting knockup prego will do that. she is with former football player who knock her up she is excepting a child on way. I like nick and jessica together. she and nick  were 2 young talent pop singers music brought them together. i love jessica for singing talent. but after she has her child she can knock off weight with good trainer.

  • hiro4soccer says:

    @courtneypmbowie Aww D: that makes me feel soooo sad…i hope theyre really happier now

  • caittyk says:

    This was back when everyone didn’t have a reality show..


    shes a millionaire and has her own clothes and shoe collection so she is intelligent and a nice person!!!!!!!!!!!! successful business woman

  • Branigan4ever says:

    How did Jessisa look this great and end up looking like she does now?

  • euphoria156 says:

    @TheAzra18 oh I see, thx

  • TheAzra18 says:

    @euphoria156 Actually Jessica was leaving him. Just so you know. Nick was the one who wanted to make it good again.

  • kerh09 says:

    All you saying she is dumb are idiots. Her business empire is worth a cool Billion…and how much do you make again???? Yea. That is what I thought!

  • SuperBnichols says:

    she has huge feet

  • iraqiprincess7 says:

    i agree with some people, it was a big mistake doing those dumb shows being live

  • iraqiprincess7 says:

    shes funnyyyyyyyyy i love her haha, vanessa is boringggggggg

  • iraqiprincess7 says:

    i dont care what anyone says, u can all see clearly nick was more happy and crazy about jessica than he is for vanessa, nick loved jessica even in their wedding videos u can all see that

  • courtneypmbowie says:

    @euphoria156 Haha talk about looking dumb… like I said below, JESSICA divorced Nick. He begged and pleaded with her to stay and work it out through whatever means. She still went through with the divorce.

  • euphoria156 says:

    She looks so dumb, now I agree with Nick leaving her, I always blamed him… gosh sh’e so stupid she’s actually the dumb blond!

  • mariabbb1964 says:

    @chariche33 you go girl he is handsome we got love him

  • mariabbb1964 says:

    @courtneypmbowie your right what do you think about vanessa

  • versatilians says:

    She has AWESOME LEGS!!!

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