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Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey – The Wedding [HD]

Footage of Jessica and Nick’s October 26 2002 wedding taken from the DVD side of Jessica’s 2004 re-release of the ‘In This Skin’ album.

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  • armywife871 says:

    One can only hope that these two will get back together… It’s so sad not to the them together anymore. It actually breaks my heart. (I’m in to deep on this one). ugh!


    This was a much more Romantic Wedding and there was so much more love then that V wedding.

  • NJDominicana246 says:

    It’s so sad how such a beautiful couple had to end it the way they did :(

  • 79lucatoni says:

    oh man this is just too sad and disappointing to watch!
    wonder what really happened???
    i thnk ALOT had to do with Jessica’s age and the fact that they let stupid camera’s into their new life;s together. that was mistake #1

  • flygirlmundy says:

    Beautiful couple . I blame the show -___-

  • SingingBlondie1028 says:

    I think the age difference had a lot to do with their divorce. They met when she was 18 and he was 24. I know I’d feel weird about having a 24 year old boyfriend ( 6 years diff isnt rare for grown adults). I think they loved eachother, but I heard it was actually Jess that wanted the divorce (hence “Whats left of me”).October would be their 10th anniversary.Its so strange for me to see Nick with Vanessa.Jess and Nick were perfect together.

  • coppersulphate002 says:

    If a man looked at me the way Nick did jessica while she walked down the aisle, I think I would break down and cry!

  • coppersulphate002 says:

    @switkissez I agree with you!! I definitely feel her pain! Its hard to forgive someone who has been disrespectful and aggressive like that. Some women are very sensitive (including yours truly) when it comes to these things

  • MrGirlfucker says:

    TRUE LOVE!!!

  • cottoncandydreams says:

    Crying forever. I can’t go on. Tell me why fairytales don’t last forever TELL ME WHY

    Their wedding inspires me to do things up the ~traditional way, if only to have an ethereal ceremony like that and such a touching ~first look from my groom.

  • switkissez says:

    When Nick &Jess was dating back then, Jessica left him and said she want to try dating someone else. Nick PATIENTLY WAITED FOR HER! And Jessica COME BACK TO NICK! cos she cant someone like him! But after married, NICK always pin down jessica feelings! Shes HURT! she divorce him, any woman would do to be treated with respect! But Nick could have wait for her again, JUST LIKE HOW HE DID WHEN THEY WERE DATING! but he had sex with VANESSA then next mth in the pool openly to let paparazi snapping it.

  • switkissez says:

    yes Jessica asked for divorce. i ask for a break up from a man who truly loves me just exactly how Nick treated jessica with full of love. but sometimes and at timeS the man get nasty that it hurts to stay but that doesnt mean we dont want to stay at all.. jessica WANTED to reconcile with nick, they just have to be sperated again to find that love.. but HE HAVING SEX IN THE POOL WITH VANESSA that makes her DEVASTATED NOT TO TURN BACK! THE LOVE WAS THERE. NICK RUIN IT!!!

  • switkissez says:

    NICK WEDDING WITH JESSICA IS MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN VANESSA. to be honest if you view nick wedding with vanessa.. it was much more posh and with fireworks and all that.. but something with jessica makes everything truly beautiful.. jessica is my inspiration.. shes a truly beautiful woman..and nick knows, in the inside, the feeling he had with jessica cannot be found with vanessa but he just have to ”TRY” to be happy.

  • SammyNG says:

    you gotta remember the jessica was his first love but vanassa is his last you know. things just end.

  • hellolady80 says:

    @light4901 ummm no, it’s jessica’s loss. she’s the one that fled this marriage cause she was so hungry for fame. she’s now desperate, pregnant and not married!

  • hellolady80 says:

    @JessaSara1981 i couldnt have agreed more. but Jessica was Nick’s first love…i dont understand how Jessica could walk away from this beautiful man. Nick seems like such a wonderful man….he loved her so much. the way he looks at her is so deep…he doesnt look at Vanessa that way…ouch, that hurts…

  • Goobersnumber1fan says:

    I love the look on Nick’s face when Jessica is walking down the aisle! That is true love!

  • intheshadows4mytime says:

    She is short, isn’t she?

  • Hmong664 says:

    I am still sad to this day about their divorce. They were so perfect.

  • TheFashionguru07 says:

    I first watched the Nick and Vanessa one and I thought their wedding was really beautiful but like everyone else, he just didn’t look at Vanessa as he did with Jessica. They were so in love with one another. I still watch The Newlyweds on DVD….sucks that Jessica is preggo now and Nick and Vanessa (tabloids say) are expecting too…the chances of them getting back together are rare! :-(

  • brasilangel03 says:

    fuck vanessa!

  • rainxlover says:

    I hope someday i will be able to have a fairytale wedding like theirs and find someone who will look at me with love in his eyes like the way Nick did with Jessica on their wedding day

  • joydarling314 says:

    @JessaSara1981 Yeah he liked Jessica more

  • cdm0014 says:

    i want this to happen to me :( so magical

  • cdm0014 says:

    makes me cry!!!

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