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Jessica Simpson on The View – March 15, 2010 The View is ABC Daytime’s morning chat fest, featuring a team of five dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing the most exciting events of the day. The show consists of the five co-anchors debating topics in the news. Throughout each show they are joined by the best experts in their field and celebrtiy guests. The show is currently in it’s twelfth season. March 15, 2010 – Jessica Simpson It’s a day Hot Topics and Jessica Simpson will stop by for a visit.

Posted by Eric Beauchamp

14 Comments for “Jessica Simpson on The View – March 15, 2010”

  • mayelions363 says:

    the video is…a bit? weird….d song is awesome though….get the complete album from

  • meaghandubie80 says:

    OMG that was fuckin priceless… check ,to download the complete album..

  • atlasshrugged2u says:

    Jessica really grew up! She used to be a spoiled little brat when she was married to Nick; I remember the show. Anyway I have always liked her AFTER she got divorced and just did her own thing. She’s growing up and getting mature so it’s all good.

  • SuperOldfart1 says:

    In the country we call it gravy…I likes me some womens whats gotta little gravy on em. If not and you end up with some stick woman…its like humpin a sack ‘a hammer handles…c’mon….

  • stevenkie88 says:

    lol first minute is like that viral video “omg shoes”

  • tailored2fit1990 says:

    i really didnt get the big deal about those weight gain pictures…its really sad that that was such big news in america…if a pop star gains 10 pounsd who the hell cares? guys would still look at her and say oh shes hot…i guess it seems like such a shock because she had a tiny, tight body in her daisy duke days…but as long as she works out and eats healthy whats the big deal? she shoudlnt starve herself to eat a cracker. ppl should just make the best out of what they have and be healthy

  • cloinaz92 says:

    I am a stick skinny girl bc I have a fast metabolism not because I want to be skinny! But I love the body God gave me! When I see women like Jessica who are totally ok with being curvy and chose to not go the super skinny way it makes me feel proud bc everyone has a different body type and its ridiculous that now people think skinny is the only type of beautiful! But sometimes I feel like they attack us skinny girls and just bc we look skinny doesn’t mean we r starving ourselves.

  • katy93509 says:

    She is not fat she might have put on some weight but she is look pretty and at least we know she is eating. Also the people who say that she is fat they are making it out like she is obesed!!!! kids look up to people like her so she is showing kids you dont have to be skinny you can have some weight as long as your healthy :)

  • gulllars says:

    @wexuan pleese sort out your tags, more then half of them are totally unrelated to the clip.
    On topic: I don’t get why there’s “preassure” on women to be size 0-2. As long as you’re in OK physical shape, and have a fat percentage below +-20% (dependent on bone build), it shouldn’t be considered fat.
    Personally i’m a tall skinny geek guy with extreme metablolism who eat 3000+ calories a day and can’t go above 160lbs, but i know girls who are big boned and are wrongfully considered fat or chubby.

  • Ubriaco100 says:

    i’m not jessica big fan but f*ck you john

  • iloveyourstory says:

    I like her darker hair….the bleach look had gotten old. She has gained but this is her natural body shape without starving and over-exercising. Good for her.

  • willdoit805 says:

    Wow she blamed John for making guys undress her with there eyes. I swear when John Mayer was fucking her doggy style she must have hit her head to many times on the head board. John good boy for moving on.

  • bgdc123 says:

    she should really stop talking about John..

  • bigdinkel says:

    She’s getting fatter

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