Monday November 20th 2017

Jessica Simpson – Remember that

Jessica Simpson – Remember that with lyrics

Posted by Doug Nanders

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  • Tommy555444 says:

    men who hurt women are not men in my eyes.
    thank you so much for uploading this song, it’s gonna open up so many eyes ;) 6*, fave and sub, u rock and so does jess :D

  • daimyophoenix says:

    It’s so hard to leave… ugh… :-(

  • marryjanne420 says:

    sounds like a country song

  • brittnicole714 says:

    i had to watch my mom go thru this.
    i love this song (:
    it makes me tear up tho.

  • stylestar07 says:

    I have a soft and forgiving nature, but when it comes to matters of the heart relationship wise, i become hard like a rock.. i can forgive and forget and let go so easily… I see love as a raging river always changing.. if the tide gets to strong.. I can let back so easily.. and return to shore.. Let love be a raft , but never let it become your ocean, sea or river.. you have to be a guide, not a passenger,let God be your guide e.i river,sea, and ocean..never a man or woman

  • JamieLynn7989 says:

    If they haven’t changed yet, they never will. I know this from experience.

  • princesssassy19 says:

    2 relatives of mine were in relationships like this…. makes me sooooooooooooooo mad

  • andreskizzo says:

    its not that hard to let them go if you have self esteem and self respect. Dump their asses

  • lovenickfan101 says:

    i love this song! its so empowering! jessica, this is such an awesome song! it got me over that period! thank you so much for recording this song jessica!

  • 1j6739hhh says:

    this is a great song for relationships.I love jessica simpson-She rocks!

  • LosAngeles333 says:

    I hear this powerful song and I remember ALL that Jessica sings about. And I recall so many nights believing there was no way out. And those nights stretched into years. I weep now for the lost time, the fear and sorrow, the awful self-loathing. But I DID eventually find my freedom. Please don’t give up if you are living through this: – I know you can and you will prevail. Sending a prayer to you – whoever you are – right now. “Take your heart and run, just run…”

  • MsLollypop88 says:

    I know eh. Every time I let him back in, I have this lil bit of hope that he’s changed for sure this time. But I’m always wrong bc the same bs happens over n over again.

  • emofreak1217 says:

    The same reason I take his calls and agree to see him. It’s hard to let them go.

  • MsLollypop88 says:

    I remember this all perfectly clear! But then why do I still open the door for his drunk ass at 3am?!! ….. sigh …..

  • sandcsmom1 says:

    this was exactly my marriage. I just left 6 weeks ago and last night he called over and over just like the song says. happy to post…still single!! This song will definitely give me strength. I thank God for giving me the strength to get out before it was to late. I am changing more and more everyday and I couldnt imagine going back. Thanks to ALL that love and support me. Thank you!!!

  • krista0022 says:

    i heard this song right as i was leaving my boyfriend at the time who put me through all this… if it wasnt for this song and giving me that extra power when he was bagging me back and sayin he wouldnt do it again id probly be back there! this song has so much to it!!

  • evelyngrz says:

    I love this song! I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years. and finally had the guts to leave about 2 yrs ago. This song reminds me of exactly what I went through. Such a powerful song. This only made me the strong woman I am today, for my daughters.

  • PopArtByDarren says:

    i can actually imagine taylor swift singing this song!

  • lindsaydelila says:

    This song brings out many emotions…It has been 3 years since I walked out of my abusive relationship…..It does get better…everyday I am a little more stronger…..but the memories…will unfortunately always be there….I am soooooo Happy now…and my life is great!!! Thanks for making me stronger wiser woman!!!

  • lilyjuncaj says:

    I fu#KEN LOVE HER!!!! Shes the best!!! Jessica Please put out another CD… I LOVE YOU!! and i wanna keep hearing new music by you!!!

  • coyotedonna says:

    wow.. this is such a powerful song

  • prettygirly2533 says:

    well i feel bad that that had to happen to you….and im hear to talk, if you want!! This has happened to me a few times before….I hate it and I never can stop thinking about it!! Msg me or comment!!

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