Saturday November 25th 2017

Jessica Simpson – Still Beautiful

New CD Do You Know Out 9/9 Music – Still Beautiful Slideshow made by me

Posted by Lani

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  • ABeanieBug says:

    Wow beautiful song!!!!! shes just a down to earth girl and so is her sister :D I thinkt hey were definitely raised right! Go Simpson family! lol

  • mherlitz says:

    this is so Beautiful! she does country music BETTER than anyone right now.

  • lovemy4boys1 says:

    @SongwriterChic I so agree!!

  • SongwriterChic says:

    It’s a shame no one takes her seriously anymore, she’s actually not a bad singer. Better than most in the business today.

  • Sarahsg says:

    beautiful song and video!

  • SmartyFlerGirl says:

    Another fantastic contribution, my dear friend!

  • sweetkiss03 says:

    I can’t believe why they hate her music?
    She’s a fantastic singer and has beautiful meaningful songs!!

  • tobemia says:

    ahh! Marisa! ;D adorei o video!!!

  • luvpeaceandrocknroll says:

    The problem is that no one takes her seriously anymore.

  • jaccklaurent says:

    tu es française? ce serait géniale une française ou une francophone qui partage mon intérêt pour jessica simpson ^^

    en tout cas je ne me lasse ni de la vidéo, ni de la chanson qui dans un style très simple, et avec un belle voix maîtrisée sur un rhytme entraînant me réconforte toujours de savoir que j’ai raison: il y a du pire et du meilleur dans la vie, nous avons besoin des deux pour vivre tout simplement

    magnifique chanson jess!

  • jaccklaurent says:

    super vidéo InnocentKisses27!!!

    (jessica et cette chanson, juste PARFAITES! 5 étoiles!!!!)

  • beujoy says:

    Yeah they need more promotion and marketing of their CD`s maybe an agent as they feel loyalty to their dad and he did great to get them where they are now but to go further maybe an agent/media consultant.

    Or maybe Jess is at a point in her life where she has to decide if she wants to pursue music, clothing line, family or all? Her decision. But she needs a breakthrough or a comeback. Maybe lay low for a 12-18 mths reinvent herself and make a comeback..

  • amylh322 says:

    They need *real* managers with experience. Joe Simpson disturbs me, and not just his icky comments about Jess’s body- which still disturb me. (I think that disturbed everybody!) Like when they did a show on Jessica and Ashlee on E! why did it have to be called “Jessica, Ashlee and the Simpson Family”? He’s living through them. It’s just wrong, IMHO. I always felt bad for Ashlee, clearly being in 2nd place with her Dad. I’m glad she has her own family now!

  • amylh322 says:

    Do you think making videos would have helped? I don’t know if we even get a country music video channel here… I don’t watch a lot of TV (see vids here) but it seems like bands and solo artists *have* to make vids for some reason. It really feels like she isn’t being managed well. Or that she’d rather just scrap music and do the clothing thing, which is kind of sad :( I really like her voice on this album she sounds like Jessica again, if that makes sense! Thanx for the info, Simpledreamer! :)

  • Simpledreamer says:

    The second single was Remember That. It didn’t get enough initial radio airplay to justify spending money on a music video. They partially shot a video for the third single, Pray Out Loud, but I assume it was scrapped when she parted ways with her Nashville label. (And Pray Out Loud did worse on radio airplay than Remember That)

  • thatwhitegirl101 says:

    0:48 1:14 1:48 1:47 2:08 2:14 2:47 2:57 3:00 3:03 3:17 3:27 those are the times i think she looks the absolute best.. i agree her dad is ruining her and poor ashley she had to be a “outcast” just to try and make it with their dad but i love ashley dont get me wrong they are just sooo different

  • amylh322 says:

    They should’ve released a second single from the CD. I don’t understand why she and Ashlee both seem to be doing that lately. One single, one video… I guess they think MySpace and FaceBook is enough to get their stuff out there, but a lot of people still listen to radio and watch vids. It’s what I would do if I were her agent. BTW, she needs to dump the Dadager and get some decent representation. He’s her biggest problem, IMHO.

  • xobridget96 says:

    ii agree!! people just call her fat cuz she isnt anerexic like all the other stars!! shes normal!

  • beujoy says:

    The entire album and songs are great, but so underrated and get very little airplay. Is it a media conspiracy? Come on! Give the girl the respect she deserves!

  • lizzyvance says:

    jessica was no worse then alot of a listers in acting. iv seen b – d listers that do a great job acting. better then alot of a listers. i think she was alright. but i love her music.


  • lizzyvance says:

    i like how she dresses…

  • lizzyvance says:

    jess is not fat but she will always be georgus no matter what her size is. she is like old hollywood. naturally georgus and classy

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