Wednesday October 18th 2017

Jessica Simpson: Weight Watchers “I’m Only Human and I Did It”

Everyone knows there are times along the journey to losing weight where they may lose the motivation to keep going or even doubt if they will ever make it to…

Posted by Sam Daniels

21 Comments for “Jessica Simpson: Weight Watchers “I’m Only Human and I Did It””

  • 6868818 says:

    Good for you Jessica. Keep doing every thing for you and your family. my
    husband and I had our children years ago. They are still at home. Going to
    school and working. I hope you and my kids have the strong drive to make
    this nation what its ment to be doll !!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke Parker says:

    I think about sometimes when peeps say “It’s hard to lose weight.” TAKE IT
    BACK!!! Lol.

  • Brooke Parker says:

    Wow. Nice. Lovely. =)

  • suinstues1 says:

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  • MissJessyeNorman says:

    …has weight/food addiction issues! Watching “Nick and Jess”, when she was
    thin, it was obvious she’d face weight challenges later. Her relationship
    to food was sick. She only ate fried foods and sugars, and simply
    restricted. When brought an incredible gourmet meal made from locally
    grown, organic, seasonal produce in the Napa Valley, she thumbed her nose
    at it. It didn’t jive with her processed food addicted palate. She’d not
    heard of most of the veggies or fruit, most of which were basic.

  • jetli80 says:

    Maxwell is a girl’s name? Also damn she was Daisy Duke, Daisy Duke is
    trapped in that body bring her back

  • bleedorange2332 says:

    Money doesn’t take away the weight but it makes it a hell of a lot easier
    to lose weight. And I’m not saying she didn’t have to work even with saying
    it was easier, my point is just that I thought the Only Human thing was
    geared specifically towards the “average” person. By no means is Jessica
    Simpson an average person…

  • lisa adams says:

    Well I can vouge for weight watchers. I stuck with it strictly. And
    exercised 6 days a week and lost 80 lbs in 6 months

  • dojufitz says:

    Very good looking woman and natural……… i don’t care about the
    weight….. he is a lucky guy….

  • Lizzy Jones says:

    You’re gorgeous Jess, no matter how much you weigh.

  • MsBeFit says:

    I see your point. But, the pressure to look a a certain way, constantly
    seeing yourself in the tabloids with nasty headlines critcizing your weight
    and with your “fat” pictures all over the internet….etc. At least I can
    lose the weight without the entire world watching me and “waiting” for me
    to fail.

  • deborah gaskins says:

    Love Jessica for her transparency unlike Jennifer Hudson who has been very
    reluctant to say how much weight she has lost.

  • Jen c says:

    She’s beautiful! and I love her personality

  • Ann Okitsu-Saeed says:

    So encouraging Jessica. Thanks, good luck, god bless you. C k

  • Radhika Sreeram says:

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  • MissJessyeNorman says:

    I agree, having money makes losing weight a good deal easier. However, one
    can also argue that being in the limelight, and having every inch of one’s
    body scrutinized and the subject of ridicule in magazine after magazine
    makes it harder too. I’d say it about equals out ;) For women in the
    limelight who’ve never struggled with weight, I do think keeping up their
    figure is easier. However, for those who have real weight issues, it’s a
    battle, as it is for “average’ folks. And Jessica clearly…

  • Lizzy Jones says:

    Money makes it easier to lose weight? Um, huh? You’re ignorant.

  • MsBeFit says:

    Good for you jess! “bleedorange2332″ She IS a normal person! Money and fame
    doesn’t take away the weight. At the end of the day, you have to do the
    work in order for the weight to come off!

  • bleedorange2332 says:

    I thought the whole point of the “Only Human” project was to showcase
    normal, everyday people who did it….

  • Chrissy Hilliard says:

    So nice to see Jessica sound halfway intelligent and acting like a real
    person. I can’t imagine how she feels with the media in her face calling
    her names and and making fun of her weight gain. The media is what’s wrong
    with this country and why our young women have eating disorders! Thanks for
    being “real” Jessica and for sticking with WW along with the rest of us. I
    don’t think that having money makes things easier; I think being in the
    spotlight would make my weight loss that much harder.

  • Deborah Wakefield says:

    I think the “only human” means that we are all only human and make
    mistakes. If I screw up one day, that doesn’t mean I’m finished. I start
    over. If you get a flat tire, you don’t go and pop the other three. You fix
    it and get moving again. As for the money? My husband lost his job for two
    years and our house is in foreclosure….but my family still has to eat.
    Instead of eating 5 pieces of Little Caesars Pizza (cheap pizza), I eat one
    or two. It’s doable on any budget. Jessica is inspiring. :)

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