Saturday November 25th 2017

Jessica Simpson’s Bikini Baby Controversy

“During an interview on Katie Couric’s new talk show “Katie,” Simpson shared a photo of her baby girl in a mustard yellow crochet bikini.” Hermela Aregawi (h…

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  • xensor says:

    I hear you. I’ve got a theory. Individual tastes aside, Jessica Simpson is
    a cultural sex symbol. She probably has a layered understanding of
    sexualization (not necessarily sophisticated, but layered), which may be
    part of the reason she doesn’t give all sexual perceptions the same
    significance you might. Regardless, she’s able to compartmentalize the
    projection of sexiness bikinis may have into a specific context with little
    or no negative associations, like how one sees flowery hats and tutus.

  • AskMarcAnthony says:

    I actually think its worse to dress your kid up as pumpkins and bumble bees

  • Taylor Brown says:

    Well that’s fine, but any look into older works of English, like Chaucer or
    Shakespeare, reveals that this omitted [r] is perfectly representative how
    languages evolve: small changes over time within language groups. Its
    normal, systematic, inevitable, and its a good thing. Forget about binary
    properness, just realize how amazing language is to be ever so malleable to
    the creative needs of its users.

  • Drew Disaster says:

    What she said at the end was exactly what I was thinking the entire time.
    You cant prevent pedophiles by putting more clothes on your kid. If someone
    is interested in children it doesnt matter whether the child is clothed or
    not. They’re going to look at them. It’s sad but its something you cant
    prevent and if you try to, you’ll end up pretty much putting your kid in a

  • oxus72 says:

    Obnoxious soccer mom AND petty thief – go figure (^_-)

  • StayCrispySRK says:

    Baby topless in a diaper, nobody thinks twice about it. Baby in a
    bikini…. OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!! If you look at this baby in a bikini and you
    see it as sexual…. that’s on you. That what YOU are seeing.

  • ski czar says:

    Oh wow. youre so creative. It must have taken you so long to come up with
    that one that you felt it necessary to use it twice. Wow. intelligent one
    we have here. what else do you got. no really keep it going…

  • TheAssesKicker says:

    So, if a guy is wearing a tuxedo and he gets his ass kicked by some dude
    who hates people who wear tuxedos, you should blame the guy who was wearing
    the tuxedo? Like, seriously? It’s his fault for wearing what he wanted to
    wear? It’s your responsibly as a human being who lives in this society to
    control yourself, to not rape people, it’s not much to ask, really. Women
    get raped, whether they dress provocatively or not, that’s a fact. Also, if
    it’s not consensual, it’s rape.

  • marirocksyoutub says:

    I think at the little girls age (the ones in the commercials), a double
    piece is fine. It suits them better. On the baby it looks weird. I am going
    by looks. Nothing sexual about any of that… Only way I see it sexual is
    when women have huge watermelons filling them up lol, but that’s acceptable
    and it is supposed to be sexual as it is.

  • Just_Bri says:

    innocent in both cases.. and I agree that there’s a certain age where you
    need to be mindful of what the kid wears

  • Stevecast says:

    Ridiculous Unnecessary Debate… Who the hell cares……..

  • Tessami Lytewing says:

    I just think it looks tacky as hell.

  • megamarsvin says:

    No one cares about the nudity (actually some people do but they’re
    retards.) It’s the implications. Would you say putting a baby in a
    garterbelt and stockings is fine too? That’s even less revealing. Don’t get
    me wrong I think she has the right to do whatever ridiculous thing she
    wants with her own baby. Just don’t pretend like it doesn’t mean anything.

  • Starla Bizarre says:

    I think it’s cute as hell! And I fucking HATE babies.

  • Amy Lee says:

    OMFG really?! A baby doesn’t know anything sexual!! It’s a fricken BABY!!!

  • oxus72 says:

    Kinda missing the point. You claim that “bikinis are just so you can get
    sun at the beach”. Under that logic young boys couldn’t get their fair
    share without a full-blown masquerade.

  • SuPeRstar05wS6 says:

    It’s just a fucking bikini. Nothing wrong with that. If you see it other
    wise you got problems. Molesters with be even if the baby lives in a

  • badger5079 says:

    …unless I was being sarcastic. In which case something is off with you.

  • oxus72 says:

    Unless we’re talking about some UV ray inducing bikini here, removing it
    from your child isn’t likely to create any negative effect on her tan.

  • marirocksyoutub says:

    I don’t think is too sexual, or sexual at all. It just looks odd. I would
    say is okay, but it looks very odd lol. To each their own.

  • dwillanski says:

    Why the help is this in my recommendations?

  • TheAssesKicker says:

    I’m from Canada and I’ve never seen anyone write “Controversy” without the
    “r”. Isn’t it spelled ‘Controversy’ but pronounced without the ‘r’ in the
    UK? Or am I mistaken?

  • jake brewer says:

    Oh god really who freaking cares its her kid

  • Laszlo Vajda says:

    Yeah I hate that. “It’s no big deal! Sexually suggestive nudity is totally
    natural!” Well rape is natural too. I can’t believe you actually have to
    tell some people not to sexualize babies.

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