Wednesday October 18th 2017

Operation Smile: 25th Anniversary Gala with Jessica Simpson

Operation Smile International Youth Ambassador, Jessica Simpson speaks and sings “Amazing Grace” at Operation Smile’s 25th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles on October 5, 2007. Visit Operation Smile at:

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24 Comments for “Operation Smile: 25th Anniversary Gala with Jessica Simpson”

  • SmileMissions says:

    I was actually there WITH here… I was another speaker at that Operation Smile Gala… she is being quite sincere

  • ellora3 says:

    She is amazing. She is a true example of a religious woman who handles her faith with grace and humbility. she is 100% real.

  • SmileMissions says:

    @ktaurus i was there with her. dont worry she’s not faking

  • SmileMissions says:

    The courage that it took for her to claim her faith in front of 500 people who are mostly SKEPTICS! Iwas there with her. I was born with a cleft. She’s real and she’s sincere.

  • mylittlelovejoy says:

    lol she forgot the words, beautiful voice though, and intention.

  • ebabyrulz says:

    then just dont watch it man, what is the problem? you dont like it? dont watch it!
    GOD, shes amazing as a person and a star.

  • hikari543 says:

    i don’t like how she changed the words to amazing grace…

  • LileeSoeliani says:

    i love jess. but when anyone, anyone at all, sings amazing grace, my body hair just stands

  • dv122 says:

    shes so fake

  • LindsayTHicks says:

    You people are absolutely HORRIBLE people. She is praying over the sadness she has experienced seeing these kids born deformed, and she is praying over how blessed SHE IS over being apart of this org. I am one of those kids, I was born with cleft lip/ palate. So do not soil this video with ur hate for Jessica Simpson. She is doing alot of good for this charity. Shame on you all. I think what she said was very sincere. Maybe you should go see what she was praying over 4 ur self. I’ll pray 4 u all

  • Dominicagyal1 says:

    aww this is so sweet! i so DO NOT believe she is faking here. you would have to be sick in the head to fake being emotional about people with facial defomities. the media only focuses on her weight gain, her alleged “airheadedness”, and lots of other crap. they should focus on more important things such as her work with Operation Smile. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JESSICA :)

  • ElleWoodsAttorney says:

    Kinda makes it seem like these kids need to be christian when the truth is the majority of them are not she should be more inclusive rather than exclusive

  • tcg75 says:

    I completely agree, this is so fake it makes my teeth cramp. The forgetting of the words, the over-the-top vocals, the same ol’ song she’s been peddling since she began – blech.
    And this is my opinion. If other reader’s don’t like it – TOUGH. You have your opinion, I have mine. Get over it.

  • usaisnojoke says:

    It is FAKE. Come On, its all about a big show off for these people. Try having them do it for free for an ANMERICAN!

  • ktaurus says:

    I know. I don’t know what it is, but this whole thing just came off very fake to me. This is just my personal opinion, so don’t get upset.

  • david13395 says:

    i love u jess

  • mhrhbdlkrm says:

    Pray Out Loud, Jess! :)

  • itsbritneybitch69 says:

    love her she is such a sweet person,but please date guys jess who guenuinly care for you like nick did! stop going out with lads that just use you

  • teamsimpson1 says:

    aww jess is such a good person that’s why i love her!all u people posting bad stuff about her don’t look at no more of her videos cause it’s plain to see when u can’t appreciate when some one puts their heart into something to help children!

  • spuffieschilde says:

    Really? I actually think she’s being completely genuine… I think this because I’ve seen her in those ahem, movies of hers and her “acting” is well..
    Don’t get me wrong. I really like her as an artist. And as a person she seems pretty sweet. But even if she was faking everything, at least it’s still getting the message out on the importance of health and cures. But then again, when you’re talking about an issue such as this, you must have a heart of stone to not get somewhat emotional.

  • cmednc says:

    man she’s always on the tele

  • benteboob says:

    i really love jessica, but here she kinda look like anna nicole smitH?!

  • 1happiness says:

    Whether she’s speaking with her heart or faking i don’t care but the important thing is health is one of the greatest gift of mankind.

  • ngaer says:

    it seems that this prayer is for her..

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