Friday November 24th 2017

Perfume Review: Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Here is my review of Jessica Simpson’s first perfume “FANCY.” It has become one of my fave perfumes! Let me know what you think of it!

Posted by Mark

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  • TheSilverBerries says:

    I absolutely LOVE Fancy Love. I read that Fancy Love was a tamer version of Fancy. I was like, “It gets better?” Later, I bought the Fancy set. When I got home, I opened my box w/ a smile on my face. Then, I smelled it and I was like, wth? It gave me a headache. Damn, I was REALLY wanting to like it. The sad part is that I LOVE sweet scents (i.e. Fantasy/CanCan). But Fancy isn’t for me. I smell the caramel, but there is something else in there that is inducing my headache.

  • broadwaybound121492 says:

    does gourmand mean sweet?

  • PurpleSneakers16 says:

    hi. i have Fancy, and i dont know, but i think that i have the 50ml, but on the box, it says that it 100ml. but to me, the size look like a 50ml. what should i do?

  • rodemates says:

    I’ve had fancy before. I loved it SO much, but I felt like I wasted it because I went through a phase where I drenched my clothes with perfume and I went through it so fast! Now I’m much smarter about wear I apply perfume. Watching this review made me crack, went onto amazon and bought a 30 ml. It’s the perfect time because my mom will think it’s a present for someone else and won’t be able able to lecture me on how I have too much perfume :).

  • laamuzz says:

    i did a blind purchase based on your review of fancy and fancy love… and i love both of them!! thank you so much… I haven’t found perfume that i like this much in so long. they smell so good and my favourite would have to be fancy :) love your vids :) x

  • aroseslife says:

    i think this is for me coz i love vanilla! thank you for this review. i/ve been looking for a review on this prefume on blogs but couldn’t really find any. :) just subbed!

  • 136hendrix says:

    I love love love this scent!

  • TheJazzybear19 says:

    Is this scent edible?I am looking for a good edible scent :)

  • themagicalfox6 says:

    fancy reminds me of cake x3 I didnt by a full bottle since I live in a small town =P I experienced Fancy by getting a small sample bottle for 9.00 at walmart (I plan on buying the full bottle online sometime) I think this would be something to wear for the winter or birthday party =D

  • PurpleSneakers16 says:

    can you do reb’l fleur by rihanna? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  • Nantty90 says:

    Got to say that Fancy is my favorite perfume…..on me it last a long time and the smell is just amazing….

  • sxechulo says:

    Omg! I relate to you sooo much! lol I’m have a really bad fragrance addiction & watching your videos makes it worst! lol but I can’t help it! haha

  • sxechulo says:

    Omg! I relate to you sooo much! lol I’m have a really bad fragerance addiction & watching your videos makes it worst! lol but I can’t help it! haha

  • kizzykatesullivan22 says:

    Hey what do you think of Fancy Nights!?

  • omifishcakes says:

    does anyone know if this smells anything like “hard candy” cos to me that smells like vanilla and caramel and chocolate. and I dont really want to get 2 similar fragrances.

  • DreamloverLambi1 says:

    i just bought the 3.4 100ml bottle and your bottle looks bigger than mine???

  • NIKKIROQKZ11 says:

    @bibipink4eva Im with you on that… I LOVE FANCY…been my signature for two years..AND NOTHING ELSE COMPARES!

  • bibipink4eva says:

    I Love LOve LOVE this perfume If I could, I’d marry it! lol JK, but seriously sexy a** perfume, I don’t go out w/o it, every1 knows me by this scent, so yeaaaaa LOVEEEEEEEE ITTTTTTT!!!!!

  • Dualshock21 says:

    are you using women parfume?

  • evacross89 says:

    You described the perfume as it is! Awesome!

  • TheBeeDreams says:

    jessica simpson fancy vs britney spears fantasy vs aquolina pink sugar?

  • VideoDead69 says:

    to smells like CARMEX..but i like it

  • tina13793 says:

    whats the song at the beginning called ?

  • TheMememe38 says:

    I love your reviews, unlike other reviewers, they just tell you its strong, its sweet, they really love it or they don’t and then they’ll talk about some other things that I don’t understand why I needed to know and has nothing to do with the product. Your reviews are very detailed and it’s brilliant that you explain how they would smell gradually by time. Also I love it because its always fun and I love it that you always make an effort to present them nicely. Thanks x

  • MySkiesAreBlue24 says:

    @landoboo8x no imagine j’adore by christian dore mets caramel and vanilla. this is great to wear duing the winter especially around thanksgiving because it smells like food. and the staying power is great it last for several hours. the shower gel is rich and layered with the fragrance this is followed up with the lotion which has the fragrance and finally fancy itself. i usally never reapply fancy.

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