Monday November 20th 2017

The Price of Beauty – Jessica Simpson meets Isabelle Caro

Jessica meets Isabelle Caro, a model struggling with anorexia, to hear her story. Isabella is well known for posing nude in an ad campaign for anorexia awareness.

Posted by Harris Luis

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22 Comments for “The Price of Beauty – Jessica Simpson meets Isabelle Caro”

  • iMackiiD says:

    hard to say this girl is dead :/

  • addicted112 says:

    RIP isabelle :_(

  • Sueellena says:

    Sure the fashion designer didnt tell her to lose weight, but the fact is, that the fashion world her saw her THIS skinny and didnt say anything. That’s what she was trying to convey.

  • erlinetitchener93 says:

    this is not the official video…just so? you know. :) get the full album from

  • FantasticBob7000 says:

    She said in her CBS interview she stopped eating because of her abused childhood when she thought she was a burden on her mother because she weighted too much. In this vid she says it’s cause a fashion designer told her to lose weight if she wants to be a model.
    Pretty confusing. BTW the translator is hot.

  • laylaindy says:

    Poor Isabelle Caro died in November 2010 and this story is highly distorted, Isabelle was not a victim of the fashion, she was actually anorexic since chilhood and she was chosen to be part of a campain warming against the trend of very slim models when she was already anorexic; I am suprised to see Jessica making up such a story in front of an entire world. Check up the real story about Isabelle Caro, you can find it on youtube.

  • nicegirl7407 says:

    she became anorexic at 13 same as me
    im a little scared about having this problem

  • shinesbrighter says:

    I’m really proud of what she’s doing; warning other girls of this disease. I just wish she can spread the word a lot more. RIP Isabelle

  • PRchica101 says:

    Jessica is so sweet, I remember watching this series

  • MsSunhappy says:

    how the hell she model? shes…ugly

  • laylisbonita says:

    recuerdo este episodio,en paz descanse isabelle caro:(

  • mogikun says:

    i speak french and i can say the girl who translate change what isabelle caro said she didn’t say that the fashion world is the reason of her anorexia her first sentence is “it is not the fashion world which made me how i am now” she say that they didn’t mind at all to see her so skinny they were more carefully about her height. she didn’t even talk about fashion designer who wanted her to loose weight did this girl really talk french it is all a lie what this girl say

  • 10musicaddict says:

    this is extremely sad. r.i.p isabelle

  • allthathesaid says:

    @MsNotori0us thanks for that translation! :) am I crazy or did she say Givenchy like around 0:56 ?? lol

  • Cyrumomselautfan says:

    ;( R.I.P. Isabelle Caro

  • XFinspiredines says:

    Hm… don’t know what to think about this. This show reports that Isabella was trying to beat the disease but there are numerous other ones, who report that she did not want to try because the media would have left her alone and she wanted this stardom she had… weird.

  • wwl777 says:

    @chirpz1999 But wouldn’t it be very unhealthy if your job was to be a customer at a bar? Modeling is their work and life.

  • chirpz1999 says:

    @wwl777 yea the editing they do these days is ridiculous, and while i wont argue that models in the industry are too thin and as long as they continue to make money the real problem is usually ignored, fashion isnt the cause of it, a trigger,added pressure,scrutiny, yep,measure of worth directly proportional2 the superficiality and a world of narcissists cant be healthy for anyone, but its a deeper and prior issue, i compare models in self destruct mode in fashion to a customer at a bar ; /

  • chirpz1999 says:

    @Andreawantstodie as a model and ed sufferer its much more to it than that, unfortunately thats why its so complex, my agencies were all worried about my wt(yet i do think it was ultimately to sell clothes better & skeletons dont do well in commercial work), was losing jobs for being too thin, was told by valentino to’please eat a cheeseburger’ for my eerily gaunt stature,but besides the beauty aspect, its also to feel pure again, clean, in control,of our very biology which we feel is so tainted

  • wwl777 says:

    @MsNotori0us You are right! Wow, this program manipulated to get their aid to their message. The CBS News video tells the real story. Still I think models are often too thin, it seems very unhealthy too me. But I think people in this industry don’t see it as a problem, because they considere it as ‘normal’.

  • TheShimmerBabiii says:

    @Catpotato thats amazing ♥

  • Catpotato says:

    I never realized how bad these disorders were until I met one of my best friends in High school. she was also strugling with anorexia, weighed only 41 kg at the age of 15. every week we went to the medical centre so she could see how much weight she was gaining and i always got out of there crying. luckily she went into a rehab program and today she’s perectly healthy, she discovered she doesn’t need to be skinny to be a beautiful person. RIP Isabelle.

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