Monday November 20th 2017

The Price of Beauty – Morocco Part 1

Jessica Simpson travels to Morocco to discover beauty.

Posted by Dave Shields

25 Comments for “The Price of Beauty – Morocco Part 1”

  • Ale V says:

    I think that It was totally disrespectful when she threw away the piece of
    brain…. I can’t imagine what my reaction would have been if she ‘d have
    done that in my country.

  • xydoit says:

    The right one that married more then 2 woman at the same time and don’t
    preserve himself to them. And maybe beat them up from time to time.

  • fahad alrasheed says:

    i wish she went to a diffrent arab country like dubia or abu dahbi

  • ariwow1 says:

    depends where in morocco. I used to have a roommate from Casablanca and
    whenever she showed me her fbook pictures of back home they wore very
    western clothing that sometimes showed a lot of skin

  • anna p says:

    @newcatmouse1 You just have put all my thoughts in 5 sentences. Thank You!!!

  • Jusplais says:

    like the woman in the fat hut , women in america are dictated or told to
    dress acording to cultrue. Culture prefers a more obectified view, if he
    wants to use that word and be accurate. women can exploit themselves, be
    conservative and get a reaction acording to cultural standard. it would be
    interesting to see how a conservative westerner would adapt morocian
    culture. does this not shaking men’s hands come from her personally, or who
    in the culture developed that rule?

  • TheAlilyna says:

    ok i’m morroccan most of the peple there are muslim but wayy more cooler
    than any other arab country i think this girl is just a fuckin JEALOUS
    BITCH!! She’s not representin arab peaople even if she had problem with
    what jessica’s wearin she didn have to be that rude Jessica is stunnin and

  • sarita51728 says:

    belly dance its egyptien culture we have chaabi dance in morocco look at
    this vidio watch?v=IpfQ7LtxWGs

  • samvirus says:

    You should really give sheep brain a try, it tastes like minced meat and

  • Marocairforce says:

    Sorry simpson but youve just met the most stupid people in morocco
    specially that women !

  • paniuroczy says:

    I’m Muslim (maybe not Moroccan) but that was NOT innapropriate.. what a

  • tasbah3 says:

    Sheep head is a delicasse in alot of countries, like Island, norway
    Finland. There are other things to eat in morocco! The most famous dish is
    cous cous , tajine Bestilla….I mean come on be fair!This show is really
    biast and disgusting. Also the way they portrait moroccan women.I have to
    say,I have been to morocco and it’s the most diverst North African country
    I have been in.It’s a perfect harmony with religious and less religious
    women and men. You have synagoges and curches next to mosques

  • Alisa Lawson says:

    the brain had the texture of an eyeball!!! lol

  • valicirinalaura says:

    oh my God,this woman is so gelous of Jessica!! lol

  • purplelilferret says:

    “I like my legs just how you like your cleavage” Now this, is a good answer
    to that woman lol. I think that’s one of the smartest responses Jessica has
    ever stated during the show

  • havanaxnights says:

    i wish they could’ve repped the middle east better and actually shown the
    girls who don’t cover up, like many do in the middle east. and shown actual
    good arabic food like hummus and tabouli!! the Moroccan dialect… sheesh
    lol. morocco’s great and all but their dialect is way different from
    regular arabic. i really didnt like how the girl at the end had to offend
    jessica, that’s just rude and makes us arab girls look bad.

  • pokemon22ty says:

    5 things about this episode i gotta put out of my mind 1.BRAAAAIN SANDWICH laila 3.OOOOO tray balancing O.O looks interesting 4.SNAKE AHHH!!!
    5. BELLY DANCING!! :O!!! so smexi

  • gabadobe says:

    5 hours in a plane from Northern Europe – and you have sunshine and 25-30
    degrees in spring and autumn…..nice……culturally
    different…..sure…..but modern culture in large cities.

  • hasnaa1975 says:

    This show is very disrispectful to other cultures. just check comments on
    other episodes from other countries. BIG minus for this stupid show

  • Anna D says:

    When the girls were trying on the jellabas, I thought the outfits were so

  • JenRitSGTC says:

    @ThePrincesslool 2 people!!!! And BTW i’m a girl. And muslims DO hate
    christians!!!! The neighbor tried spitting on me and called me a harlot
    because i was wearing bermuda shorts and a old t-shirt. The reason….. I
    am a christian. He said all Christians are harlots. They’re moving in 3

  • lepetitNatalie says:

    I like this episode but I dont’ understand why Jessica is telling that she
    likes the veil and that everybody is just lokking in her eyes…but on the
    other hand she is wearing hot pants in front of this maroccein women??!!

  • disconsolatebliss says:

    “It was nice not having to worry about men staring at my butt or my boobs,
    it was more like they were staring straight at your eyes”

  • havanaxnights says:

    @Icemissa i do agree that a different presenter would have been better, but
    you have to remember it’s for vh1 which is based for a younger crowd, and
    also, they hardly ever present issues/subjects seriously. instead they aim
    for lighter television, so it makes sense why they have jessica as the
    presenter for the show. and also unfortunately not everyone has arab
    friends, so sometimes these shows are all they have to go by. i live in the
    southern united states and there aren’t many of us here!

  • agira khan says:

    Spain and marocco are seperated by ocean ,only takes 5 hours to cross. Also
    going from the netherlands to nador is 2 hours…. so very close…. I am
    dutch but personaly prefer marocco just sayin…

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